IHCTM is authorized training centre for IATA/UFTAA Foundation, Consultant, Management and Senior Management courses as well as IATA/FIATA Introductory, Air Cargo Rating and Dangerous Goods Courses from IATA, Canada. In fact, IHCTM has the unique distinction of being the FIRST in the world to be authorised for the 4  IATA / UFTAA along with the 3  IATA / FIATA training programmes (a total of 7 qualifications).

Diploma in Airline Management
with International Certification in CRS from VIASINC,USA & Fares & E-Ticketing from Virgin Atlantic, U.K. (VA-1)

IHCTM - the pioneers of Travel and Tourism course in 1971 and the Air Cargo and Courier Management course in 1988, has been conducting this unique 3-in-1 Diploma in Airline Management since 1991. The 3-in-1 Diploma in AIRLINE MANAGEMENT also makes you eligible to enrol directly for the IATA/UFTAA CONSULTANT COURSE and/or the IATA/FIATA DANGEROUS GOODS QUALIFICATIONS.

Diploma in Airline Management comprises of:

1. Diploma in Compact Travel & Tourism with Fares & Ticketing

2. Diploma in Air Cargo & Courier Management

3. Diploma in Direct Marketing

4. One International CRS/GDS (Airline Reservations) from VIASINC ,USA

5. Fares and E-Ticketing (VA - 1) from Virgin Atlantic U.K.

6. Optional - Foreign Language(s), Conversational for Beginners (Choice of languages: Arabic, French, German, Italian or Spanish).

Why do a course in Airline Management ?

The Airline Industry has become extremely competitive and as a result to increase revenues the airlines today are cutting costs. As per a survey conducted by KPMG/IATA, staff related costs account for approximately 30% of the total expenditure. Hence, major international airlines have shifted their operational forces from developed countries to developing countries such as India where labour costs are comparatively lower. The second cost cutting strategy adopted by carriers today is to reduce staff and rely on those who are well versed in both Passenger and Cargo Handling thus ensuring optimum productivity and reduced costs. Hence, training in both areas namely Passenger and Cargo handling will enable airline aspirants to have a competitive edge over those who have attended just a Travel and Tourism or an Air Cargo and Courier Management course. To further enhance, your career prospects, the Airline Management course at IHCTM also includes an international certification in Computerized Reservation System (CRS) from VIASINC, USA as well as a E-Ticketing course from Virgin Atlantic Airways, U.K.

 In addition, the course includes Direct Marketing to equip you with Sales and Marketing as there is always great demand for sales personnel in the airline industry. Success Achievement Skills (a module of Diploma in Direct Marketing) comprises of Effective Communication and Self Management ensures that you do well in Group Discussions and Interviews before the final selection.

Opportunities Galore 

After attending the AIRLINE MANAGEMENT course:

• You can work as Cargo/Passenger TRAFFIC ASSISTANT at the airport

• You can work as a TICKETING Staff and do Computerized Bookings

• You can work as COUNTER STAFF at the International/Domestic Counter of Airlines / Travel/Cargo/Courier Agencies

• You can work in a CARGO AGENCY and prepare Air Waybills (AWBs) , calculate freight charges of consignments as well as apply rules from TACT for Export/Import/Transhipment

• You can work in a TRAVEL AGENCY and undertake international and domestic bookings, handle passport/ visa/ documentation formalities, do hotel and car rental bookings as well as work as a Tour Coordinator. You could even start your own Travel Agency and organize your own group tours. 


Diploma in Compact Travel & Tourism with International Certification in CRS from VIASINC, USA.

This course was pioneered by IHCTM in 1971 and has been regularly updated to enable you to be a successful travel agent. Over 150 Travel Agencies have been started by IHCTM students on successful completion of the “COMPACT TRAVEL & TOURISM” DIPLOMA. You are also eligible to directly enrol for the IATA/UFTAA Consultant Course as the Basic Fares & Ticketing training is included in the course curriculum.

The course comprises of three sections :

1. Travel Agency Operations & International Tourism 

2. International Fare Construction & Ticketing

3. Any one International CRS in Airline Reservations from VIASINC, USA

1. Travel Agency Operations & International Tourism

A. International

• Study of Airline and Agency Manuals PAT, TIM, OAG
• Professional bodies - IATA, UFTAA, TAAI, TAFI, ICAO, PATA,etc.
• ICAO Phonetic Alphabets and Freedoms of Air
• Foreign Exchange Allowances including BTQ, Passport and Visa Formalities
• Travel Terminology, Travel Insurance including Mediclaim
• International Travel Passes- EURAIL, GREYHOUND, VUSA, DISCOVER INDIA, etc.

• Airline coding and decoding, Aircraft characteristics, Airport facilities, 

• International Credit Cards, International Time Calculator


B. Domestic

• Reading of Domestic Flight Schedules
• Introduction to Domestic Airline Operations and Carriers
• Planning of Domestic Itinerary Costing
• Identifying major cities in India and their coding and decoding
• Scope of Travel and Tourism within India
• Tourist Houses ITDC, MTDC, GTDC, etc.

• Cancellation and Refund formalities, Promotional and discounted fares


C. Entrepreneurship Section

• How to start a Travel Agency or a Sub-agency 
• Services offered by Travel Agency
• Importance of Internet Bookings and Cyber Marketing
• Working as a G.S.A and P.S.A.

• Planning, Costing and Organizing Group Tours Inland/International

• How to start a transport business with Government Assistance

• Allied businesses- Sightseeing , Hotel Booking, Car Rentals, Inclusive and Package Tours 

• Future prospects of Business and Job Opportunities in the Travel Industry

D. International Tourism

• Oceans of the world

• Seas of the world

• Famous Mountain Ranges

• International Tourist Destinations in USA, Mexico, South America, Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Indian Ocean Islands, Africa, Europe and the 7 wonders of the world

• Ecotourism

• Fares and Fare Types

• Global Distribution Systems

• Opportunities in the Travel Industry

• Cruises and International Railway Services

2. International Fare Construction & Ticketing

• Identifying major world cities and airports , World Geography


• Types of journeys and global indicators

• Study of P.A.T.

• OW, RT, CT, HIP, BHC, CTM checks

• Mixed Class Journeys 

• Distinction between Normal and Special Fares

• Excursion Fares , PEX and APEX fares

• Limitations of Indirect Travel ( Stopover limitations)

• Children and Infant Fares

• Distinction between Manual Ticket and Automated Ticket and ATBs

• Electronic Ticketing (an overview)

• PTAs and MCOs 

• Currency conversions from/to NUCs, Taxes



100 % hands-on with approximately 40 hours Computer training qualifying you for an International Certification

• Sign On/Off

• Encoding and Decoding

• BF/PNR Retrieval

• Similar Name Lists

• Display BF/PNR fields

• Flight Availability

• Link Indicators

• Return Availability

• Flight Details

• Follow Up Availability

• The Mandatory BF/PNR fields

• Practice building BFs/PNRs 

• Optional BF/PNR fields

• OSI and SSR messages

• BF/PNR Management

• Seat Assignment by Area

• Changing and Cancelling Bookings

• Seat Maps

• Assigning Seats by Specific Number

• Booking a Car

• Hired Car rules and Policy displays

• Hotel Reservations

• Additional Hotel Entries and Description Displays

• Fare Displays

• Itinerary Pricing and Ticketing Queues

• Changing Segment Status and Flight Time Changes

• Currency Conversion and other Miscellaneous Functions

• HELP and Reference systems


To qualify for international certification jointly issued by IHCTM, India and VIASINC, USA , the participant would have to score 85 % in the Examination .

Diploma in Air Cargo & Courier Management

The Open Skies Policy in the 1990s has ensured that the Freight Forwarding Industry would grow at a rapid pace. IHCTM- the pioneers of the Air Cargo & Courier Management course in India brings to you a three month comprehensive training which would enable you to work for the Air Cargo or Courier Industry . The course would comprise of reading the TACT Rates and Rules Books, Prepare Air Waybills, Calculate International Rates and Charges, make Airline Reservations and understand the Air Cargo Handling Procedures. On successful completion you are also eligible to directly enrol for the IATA/FIATA Air Cargo Rating - Advanced Module I OR the IATA/FIATA Dangerous Goods Course - Advanced Module II.

Course Syllabus

• Professional bodies- IATA, FIATA, ICAO, ACAAI

• Operation of Air Cargo Agency, Duties and Function of a Cargo Agent,

• Consolidation , Difference between Individual Shipments and Consolidated Shipments

• Services Offered by Cargo Agent and Consolidator

• Break Bulk Agent

• Documentation for Freight Forwarding and Payment Purposes

• Customs Brokerage and Customs Clearance Procedures

• Cargo Terminology- Trucking, RFS, Warehousing, Trade Free Zone, Charters

• Distribution Channels, Courier Service, Insurance, Carriers' Liability

• Claims, Valuation Charges, Charges Collect and Disbursements 

• Use of Airline Guides - TACT, OAG 

• International Time Calculator

• Major world cities and airports and identifying cities and countries on the map

• IATA areas and sub-areas, Aircraft characteristics, Loading Limitations

• Introduction to ULDs, Payload, Cargo Acceptance and Booking Procedures

• Completion of AWBs and its Function 

• Courier Service and Functioning including Costs and implications

• Freight Costs Calculation SCR, GCR, Class Rates and Minimum Charges

• Chargeable Weight-Gross Weight, Volume Weight and Exceptions.

• Cargo Automation , CASS, EDIFACT, EDI , etc. 

Diploma in Direct Marketing
(including Customer Service, Presentation Skills, Telemarketing and Success Achievement Skills)

Every organization needs persons who are good at Customer Care and Presentation Skills. These trained persons work towards promotion on public relations as well as customer information service. Today it is no more of Sales in business but it is Customer Relations and Presentation that boosts the business with follow up through Telephone called Telemarketing.

This workshop training of 12 weeks is offered under personal supervision of our Director who is an HRD expert since the past 50 years. The training consists of interactive workshop as well as on-the-job experience. The on-the-job experience will help you to get command and mastery over skills as well as to inculcate confidence to continuously keep on earning in your spare time. 

The DDM training comprises of two parts:

A. Success Achievement Skills and 

B. Dynamic Sales Management

The objective of this module is to ensure that you develop 

a. Communication Skills

b. Effectiveness Skills

c. Customer Service and Presentation Skills

d. Telemarketing and Direct Marketing Skills

The first part of the course i.e. Success Achievement Skills helps you to become an effective communicator, which is the most essential tool for all. The section on effectiveness skills helps you to take total charge of your life including work, studies and career by being a good planner and organizer as well as a decision maker. This in turn helps you to not only become an effective performer but also develop leadership qualities.

The second part of the course i.e Dynamic Sales Management helps you understand the finer points for marketing products and services. Training includes practical techniques to master skills scientifically and systematically leading you to prosperity and happiness. 

Part I Success Achievement Skills


1. Effectiveness Techniques

To enhance your personal effectiveness. Topics include:

• Goal Setting 

• Time Management

• Delegation 

2. Communication Skills

Especially designed to include “techniques with practice” thus building your confidence for interviews, group discussions and better presentation. Topics include:

Speaking with confidence at person to person, social, formal (interview) or even business level.
Seminar participation techniques, Compering a programme, Conducting Meetings using leadership communication

It also includes total practical training in Public Speaking covering the following topics: 
Preparing for your speech, Language Style, Delivering Techniques, Extempore Speech Assessing Speech

Part II - Dynamic Sales Management

Topics include:

• Understanding Sales Presentation its importance, purpose, procedure, plan, performance review, restructuring the operation through creativity for winning.

• Products and Services Promotion

• Human Element, Human Relations, Motivation

• Overcoming hurdles and handling tricky situations

• Records and Reports

• Analysis for improvement and strategical planning

• Telemarketing Techniques: compiling lists, preparing presentations, speaking style, follow up to close

• Application of training in day-to-day life for acquiring winning edge

• Growing from Trainee to Trainer

• How to be on the swift track

• Multiple returns

• Networking benefits

• How to achieve and exceed sales targets

The Dynamic Sales Management section also includes field projects which help you to earn while you learn. Many even earn more than the fees invested for their course .

Beware of Cheap Imitation !

Copying a name whether of a famous brand of jeans or of a quality training programme does not take time and seeing the popularity of AIRLINE MANAGEMENT course of IHCTM , many institutes have renamed their ticketing courses as TRAVEL & AIRLINE MANAGEMENT to impress you that the contents are similar to that offered in the AIRLINE MANAGEMENT COURSE of IHCTM. 

However, they are successful in copying names and not the contents . For instance, for the Air Cargo & Courier Management section, whereas IHCTM conducts a three months comprehensive training, most of the other institutes conduct a session or two of 1 hour each giving an overview of the industry. Similarly, in case of a foreign language IHCTM conducts an intensive two months training and gives the participant a choice of 5 foreign languages whereas the “CHEAP IMITATORS” teach you 10 to 15 phrases in French! From 2004 onwards foreign language is an option in the Airline Management programme.

2004 Update - Now Airline Management includes International Certification from VIRGIN ATLANTIC, U.K. (VA-1)with option of pursuing (VA-2) later. 

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