IHCTM is authorized training centre for IATA/UFTAA Foundation, Consultant, Management and Senior Management courses as well as IATA/FIATA Introductory, Air Cargo Rating and Dangerous Goods Courses from IATA, Canada. In fact, IHCTM has the unique distinction of being the FIRST in the world to be authorised for the 4  IATA / UFTAA along with the 3  IATA / FIATA training programmes (a total of 7 qualifications).

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The Tourism Industry is the second largest and one of the fastest growing industries and the hospitality industry is an integral component of tourism . No travel arrangement can be complete without hotel arrangements. As the tourism and hospitality industries are inter linked , knowledge of both these fields would enhance your career prospects whether you intend looking for employment opportunities or starting your own business. 

Even as per the statistics of WTTC (WORLD TRAVEL & TOURISM COUNCIL), the tourism industry is set to grow at a rate of 8.4 % per annum thus generating over 80 lakh job opportunities. The WTTC has also predicted that by the year 2010 , more than one out of 15 jobs will be in the tourism sector. 

Tourism is made up of various components including Travel, Accommodation, Sightseeing, etc. and hence many related sectors would flourish with the increase in Tourism. More international airports will be set up and this would also result in employment opportunities in the Airline Industry. The Airline Industry itself has two main areas of employment i.e. Passenger and Cargo handling.



The liberalization of Indian Economy in the 1990s has given impetus to growth of air traffic and the open sky policy has enabled airlines to bring in freighters without any restrictions. The AIRPORT AUTHORITY OF INDIA (AAI) have estimated that the domestic and international air passenger traffic would grow by 12.5% and 7 % respectively in the coming years and the Air Cargo would also grow by about 10%. Exports too have quadrupled and with bigger volumes have created employment opportunities in both the Export as well as the Freight Forwarding Industries.

With the advent of globalization and internet , many MNCs have come in and the importance of doing business in widely spoken foreign languages would add a cutting edge in the Airline, Tourism , Export and Hospitality Industries and accessing Internet for large volumes of information and corresponding thru' e-mail is a must for growing markets.

Keeping all these aspects in minds, I.H.C.T.M. - the pioneer of D.H.A.T.M. course first introduced in 1989 in consultation with experts from the industry and regularly updated to prepare you for the new millennium and equip you for multiple career opportunities in the airline, tourism and hospitality industries.


Courses offered by I.H.C.T.M. are:

The DHATM Course is divided into

Diploma in Hotel and Catering Management
Restaurant and Catering Management Including Cruise/Airline Catering Activities and In-flight Service & Courtesy
Cookery & Bakery
Hotel Reception & Front Office Management
Hotel Housekeeping
Management functions 
Conversational French for beginners
Computerized Hotel Reservation from VIASINC, U.S.A.(optional)




Management Course
Diploma in Business Management


Secretarial Courses
Diploma in Executive Secretary
Diploma in Office Administration Skills
Telephone Operating
Business Correspondence
Accounting & Book-keeping


Better Handwriting
Success Achievement
Diploma in Direct Marketing
Diploma in Compact Travel & Tourism
Travel Agency Operations
International Fare Construction & Ticketing 
Any one CRS (Airline Reservations) from VIASINC, USA
Diploma in Airline Management
Diploma in Air Cargo and Courier Management
Diploma in Export and Surface Cargo Management
Diploma in Direct Marketing
Customer Service
Presentation Skills
Self Management & Effective Communication
Training for Globalization
Internet and E-mail training with Microsoft Office
One additional foreign language
COURSE DURATION : 1 year + internship training in Hotel /Airline/Travel/Cargo Industries. For details on fees , kindly refer to the current schedule of fees .

New Courses in Millennium  

New Courses in Millennium 

Diploma in Tourism & Destination Management
Foreign Languages

IATA/UFTAA Qualifications
IATA/UFTAA Foundation 
IATA/UFTAA Consultant 
IATA/UFTAA Management
IATA/UFTAA Senior Management
IATA/UFTAA Examinations
IATA/FIATA Qualifications
IATA/FIATA Cargo Introductory Course
IATA/FIATA Cargo Rating Course
IATA/FIATA Dangerous Goods Course
IATA/FIATA Examinations
City & Guilds U.K
International Tourism
Food & Beverage Services
Additional CRS/GDS from VIASINC, USA
Airline Reservation
Airline Fares & Ticketing
Hotel Reservation
Car Rentals
Choice of GDS: Amadeus, Galileo, Sabre
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