Opportunities Today : October 2005 Issue

Magic Curefor Headache & Toothache!


Headache is a symptom common to many illnesses. There are innumerable causes of headaches such as ear-nose-throat disorders, hyperacidity, migraine, anger, mental tension, hypertension, eye disorders, cervical spondylosis etc. All these may cause headache. 
Never forget that an analgesic (pain killer) tablet may be exactly what you don't need, as it only masks the discomfort but does nothing for it's cause. Then why to face the side effects of the drugs? 
For temporary relief, press the following points till headache is relieved. Generally 1-2 minutes' pressure is sufficient.

Point no.1 - Top of the fleshy prominence on the back of the palm, when thumb is brought close to the index finger.

Point no.2 - About 3 fingers width below the outer end of the elbow crease on a line joining this crease and the thumb

Note : For permanent relief, consult an expert acupuncturist, who will diagnose the cause and treat it. If headache is severe, frequent and associated with vomiting, possibility of a tumour in the brain should be ruled out. Sight of an undesirable person may also cause headache.

Toothache because of caries in tooth may be temporarily relieved by acupressure. The extraction of caries tooth is advisable. 

Press the following 2 points for 2-3 minutes each.

Point no.1 - Same as in case of headache
Point no.2 - ˝ Finger width distance from the web margin joining 2nd & 3rd toe

Readers are welcome to write to us about their experience on effectiveness of 2 points pleasant pressure in curing their headache & toothache.

IMPORTANT : 1) Cut, keep in file, use and benefit and help others too! 
2) Familiarize with above pressure points as they are common to other cures also! 

(The above cure is reproduced by special arrangement from Dr. Lohia’s book - Do it yourself - Meridian Acupressure. Dr. Lohia was interviewed in OT as Personality of the month in the March 2003 issue.)